• Riese & Müller Swing

    From £3,419 SALE! 2021 Model £3,739 Vario Urban, 51cm, Crystal White Stock Model £3,879 Vario, 51cm, Black DEMO Model £3,992 Vario, 43cm, Salvia Matt, 500wh, Performance Line, Front & rear baskets

    A roadster is no longer confined to leisurely cycling around town.

    The Swing heads out on tours, up hill and down dale. The smooth riding experience of the powerful Bosch motor is perfected by the sensitive suspension fork and suspension seat post. And as you would expect with a traditional roadster, it also has matching baskets for the handlebar and carrier. Book a Test Ride
  • Riese & Müller Cruiser

    From £3,699 Stock Model £3,926 Vario, 56cm

    The clue's in the name

    You know that moment when you realise that you’re suddenly completely relaxed? That moment when it dawns on you that you’ve left the daily grind behind? The Cruiser is the master of these moments.

    Book a Test Ride
  • Riese & Müller Nevo

    From £4,259 DEMO Model£4,259 Touring, 51cm, White Stock Model £4,956 Vario, 51cm, Lunar Grey Metallic, 625wh & Kiox Display

    Distinctive design and power...

    ...from the latest generation of Bosch Performance CX (Gen4) motors transform the Nevo into a real gem for everyday use. Book a Test Ride
  • Riese & Müller Charger 3

    From £4,629 Demo Model £6,909 Rohloff, 46cm, Caribbean Blue, 625wh & Kiox Display Stock Model£5,839 Vario HS*, 49cm, Storm Blue Matt, 625wh & Kiox Stock Model £4,959 Mixte Vario, 46cm, Sunrise Red, 625WH & Intuvia   *HS – High Speed. We are unable to offer test rides on HS Models.  

    Whether for the daily commute or sporty rides

    ...the Charger3 boasts sporty geometry, a dynamic chassis with suspension fork and comfort seatpost, and the latest generation of Bosch motor, making it the ideal E-Bike for everyday life. Thanks to clever details, daylight-bright lighting and continuous light, it is perfect for riding in any weather and can be parked outside with ease. And for anyone who wants to go further away or higher up, the DualBattery 1125 option offers a range of up to 150 kilometres and more. Book a Test Ride
  • Riese & Müller Homage

    From £6,119 DEMO Model £7,568 Vario, 49cm, Deepsea Blue Metallic, 1250Wh(Dual battery) & Comfort Kit Stock Model £6,589 GT Vario, 49cm Pearl White, Kiox Display

    The Homage. For the city. For the mountains. For everyone.

    The Homage is designed to be one of the frontrunners in total relaxation. This is a very, very comfortable bike. Thanks to the ingenious frame geometry, you can quickly get on your bike whenever you want. The Homage is the step-through version of the famous Delite. Book a Test Ride
  • Riese & Müller Multicharger GT Vario

    From £4,679 DEMO Model £6,700 GT Vario, 51cm, Grey & Curry Matt, 1125Wh, Nyon Display, additional chain lock & Passenger Kit

    Carefully designed cargo equipment options...

    ...make it the ideal touring, family or transport e-bike. This not only saves space, but also makes the Multicharger GT Vario's riding behaviour safe and agile, whether you ride a lot, carry a lot of cargo or both. Book a Test Ride
  • Riese & Müller Tinker

    From £4,209 DEMO Model £4,349 Vario, One size, Black Matt, Cane Creek Thudbuster Seat Post Stock Model £4,349 Vario, One size, Crystal White, 500Wh, Intuvia

    The city is packed with challenges...

    ...traffic jams, crowded buses and trains, sometimes heavy luggage and all this even before the sun comes up. But don’t panic. The Tinker is the solution. With this compact e-bike featuring 20” wheels, you can effortlessly glide past all of this with a broad smile. Book a Test Ride
  • Riese & Müller Roadster

    From £4,249 Stock Model£4,324 Mixte Touring, 53cm, Salvia Matt, 625wh & Carrier Stock Model £5,179 Touring HS*, 51cm, Black Matt, 625wh & Nyon Display

    Sporty lightness paired with a linear design:

    The Roadster takes you to your destination fast and rewards you for every detour with even more riding enjoyment with its up to 625 Wh of battery capacity. Its optimum weight distribution also makes it extremely agile and safe to handle. The smooth-running Schwalbe G-One tires let you fully enjoy the speed. This sportiness, combined with comfortable features, makes the Roadster the ideal urban bike. Book a Test Ride
  • Riese & Muller Supercharger GT Vario

    Supercharger models from £5,789 DEMO Model £6,632 49cm, Curry Matt, Nyon display, 1250wh

    The Supercharger. More stylish, faster, further.

    The Supercharger will take you there – no matter how far the destination. Boasting up to 1,250Wh of fully integrated battery power and the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor, it is made for long trips and comfortable riding without charging breaks. This gives you as much freedom as you want from an E-Bike.
  • Riese and Müller Delite Mountain Touring

    Delite Mountain models from £6,629 DEMO Model £6,629 56cm, Chili Matt, Kiox, 625wh

    The Delite mountain. The mission: not staying on track.

    Head out of the town and into adventure: if you love the challenges offered by off-road trails, you will come into your own with the Delite mountain. Control Technology boasting Fox Float full suspension with 150 mm travel and the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor, combined with 625 Wh of battery power and Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires, make the Delite mountain a truly exceptional off-road talent. What’s keeping you?
  • Riese and Müller Charger 4

    Charger 4 models from £4,819 Stock Model £5,189 GT Vario, 49cm, Matt Black, Kiox 300, 750wh, Performance Line CX

    The Charger4. Extends riding pleasure.

    The Charger4 is the everyday E-Bike for long-lasting riding enjoyment. Thanks to its fully integrated 750 Wh battery, it comfortably takes you through everyday life and far beyond. With the new Bosch system you are always one step ahead and constantly retain an overview, thanks to the integrated cockpit with its Kiox 300 display and LED Remote. And should you ever get lost, the bright light of the daytime running light will show you the way.
  • Riese and Müller URB Seven Touring

    UBN Seven models from £4,629 Stock Model £4,984 URB Seven Touring (Urban), 51cm, Rose, Ride 60 display, 430wh battery, Motor: Fazua Ride 60, Comfort Kit & Suspension kit

    The UBN Seven. Made for the urban jungle.

    You're stylishly equipped for urban riding with the UBN Seven. The lightweight and silent Fazua Ride 60 drive system is integrated seamlessly into the bike, thus guaranteeing an incomparably dynamic riding experience. Thanks to its ease of operation and wealth of connectivity features, the UBN Seven is setting new standards in the E-Bike world. Book a Test Ride