Powunity Bike Trax GPS


In the event of theft or unauthorized use, the GPS system becomes active and immediately sends an alarm to your smartphone. No matter which EU country you are in.

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The GPS Tracker Bosch from BikeTrax is currently the best GPS theft protection available for all e-bike owners. The GPS tracker is installed invisibly in the motor housing. Thanks to its minimal installation dimensions, the GPS Tracker Bosch fits into all common Bosch e-bike engine models.

Your routes are recorded and saved daily in the route diary, including distance, average and maximum speed. The export takes place as a gpx file. You can use your user profile on any number of devices. This means that family and friends can also see where you are or get a theft alarm.

PowUnity´s BikeTrax GPS anti-theft protection  comes to you with a built-in SIM card. All you need to do is unlock the SIM card and the GPS tracker is active. The best: In the 1st year PowUnity takes over the SIM costs of 3,95 Euros per month. After that you can activate or deactivate the SIM monthly.