Here at we’ll help you find an e-bike that best suits your riding style.
We stock an amazing range of Riese & Müller and Moustache e-bikes designed to cater for all budgets and abilities.

An electric bike can be a safe, eco-friendly and cost effective way to get around. Whether you’re looking for extra oomph on your commute into London, reduce the effort in your legs, or conquer the Surrey Hills with ease, an e-bike is great for helping you cover the miles, without arriving at your destination flustered and sweaty, all on a single charge.
And although e-bikes are pedal assisted, it’s still an exercise after all and therefore good for your health, both mentally and physically.

Electric bicycles are an effective and affordable alternative to driving, especially on short or medium length journeys. E-bikes are a much greener choice than petrol and diesel power as the rechargeable electric batteries can be plugged in and powered up in just a short amount of time; a perfect choice for riding around Richmond Park.

E-bikes are as easy to use as conventional cycles and all of our bikes have a simple handlebar mounted control unit providing information about speed, distance, battery life and your selected level of assistance.
Some of our models provide up to 400% support compared to your pedalling.

UK law states that an e-bike is only allowed to assist the rider and up to a speed of 25kmh (that’s 15.5mph).
You don’t need a license, insurance or documentation for your electric bike however you do have to follow the Highway Code like any other road user in England, Scotland and Wales.
All the parts still have to comply with all the same safety standards and testing found on any regular bicycle.
Additionally, you must be 14 years or older.

All our bikes have Bosch bottom bracket mounted motors, also know as mid-drive motors. There are numerous benefits to this type including weight distribution which makes the bike more stable – a major consideration for both road and mountain bikes.
They also help give a much more natural feel to your ride and they’re more efficient as they power the chain rather than moving the wheel forward.

Additionally, all our e-bikes have Lithium ion batteries so you can also probably expect anywhere between 25 and 75 miles of run time on a full charge. Naturally, the more assistance the bike gives, the more power it will draw from the battery.
Our bikes have either an easily removable battery or a socket on the bike that you simply plug in and power up. Our Bosch 400Wh battery typically takes 3.5 hours to charge to 100%. You will get to 50% charge in 1.5 hours.

We recommend you come and talk to us and we’ll take you for a test ride to ensure you get the most suitable e-bike.
Visit in Richmond upon Thames to start your e-journey.

5 reasons to try our e-bikes

1. They help you ride further and for longer

Our e-bikes offer many of the same benefits that regular cycling does but because you’ve got added va va voom, you’ll be able to ride further and longer.

Our range of Moustache and Riese & Müller electric bikes enable you to ride effortlessly and safely, avoiding being stuck in daily traffic jams.

2. They help your fitness

You’ll be riding more, therefore you’ll be pedalling more – even when the Bosch electric motor is helping you out.

That’s great news for your heart, lungs and the environment.

E-bikes are also good for people who love riding a bike, but think they can’t because their fitness isn’t what it could be.

3. You’ll ride more

E-bike users are twice as likely as regular riders to go out and ride. Thanks to the super reliable Bosch electric motors and batteries, our bikes will get you to your destination without sweat and unflustered.

Additionally, our belt drive e-bikes are simple to charge, robust and low maintenance so you’ll always be ready to go.

4. They’re great for commuting

Not only will they save you money, they also free you from the stress of crowded trains and buses. Riding into London using the TfL cycle lanes will get you to work quicker and energised.

Equipped with Schwalbe tyres, comfortable saddles and suspension (if you choose), you’ll be relaxed and safe. We also sell a comprehensive range of Abus helmets and locks as well as Ortlieb waterproof bags and panniers.

Furthermore, the journey home won’t look quite so daunting either!

5. They’re great for riding up hills

E-bikes really come into their own when it comes to going up hills. Our e-bikes can give you up to 400% assistance with your pedalling, making even the most arduous climb a breeze.

With a variety of gear options available including Shimano, Rohloff, Enviolo continuous hub gear and automatic versions, our e-bikes are low maintenance and fun to ride.

Book a free test-ride at our Richmond upon Thames shop and find out for yourself how much fun e-bikes are.

All our Riese & Müller and Moustache e-bikes our powered by Bosch eBike motors with Bosch eBike control units. There are several to choose from so come and discuss which one is best for you:


Compact purist

Concentrate on what really matters and get all the key information with a click of your thumb: The on-board computer Purion stands for highest efficiency and precision.

  • Clearly arranged display  
  • Optimal readability
  • Service interval display
  • eBike diagnostics using USB
  • Focus on what matters 


Clever and clearly arranged

Intuvia offers easy and intuitive control of the eBike. The relevant riding data is clearly shown and the display offers ideal readability under all lighting conditions. The separate control unit allows you to keep your hands safely on the handlebar. 

  • Maximum ease of use and good readability
  • Shift recommendation for optimum range
  • Service interval display 
  • Also functions when removed


Sporty connectivity

Kiox offers all the functions that a sporty rider could need. In addition to the classic functions of an on-board computer, Kiox also uses the eBike Connect smartphone app and online portal to offer eBikers access to the digital world.

  • Bluetooth connection to the eBike Connect app
  • Perfect legibility thanks to the high-resolution colour display
  • Automatic synchronisation, including for Kiox software updates
  • Practical magnetic mount


Versatile and simply clever

The new Nyon paves the way for a fully connected eBiking experience. The eBike Connect App connects the Nyon with the smartphone and exchanges data about routes and activities. The on-board computer is controlled intuitively and easily via the touchscreen. The robust and easy-to-read display ensures that eBikers are well equipped for every situation and all weathers.

  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • High resolution, robust 3.2″ colour display
  • Easily readable display thanks to automatic adaptation to ambient light
  • Fully connected via the eBike Connect app and portal
  • Fitness data in real time provides information and motivation
  • Route planning


Intelligence on your handlebar

The SmartphoneHub transforms your pedelec into a fully connected eBike and part of your digital life: Thanks to the smartphone and the COBI.Bike app, the SmartphoneHub can become an intelligent control centre that navigates, records activities and connects them to other services and apps.

The integrated 1.52-inch LC display enables you to use your eBike even without a smartphone

Bike navigation with 2D or 3D map view with voice output

The COBI.Bike app offers real-time fitness data, recording options for rides, access to music and audiobook streaming services and lots more


Smart eBiking

The weather-proof COBI.Bike system turns Bosch eBikes into fully networked smart bikes, creating a whole new riding experience with smartphone. Perfectly positioned and securely held in place – a neat and tidy handlebar that still offers endless control possibilities.

Integrated charging station and control unit

  • Clearly readable smartphone apps
  • Bike navigation with voice instructions and weather reporting
  • Automated front and wireless rear lights (to German StVZO road use regulations)
  • Alarm system, digital bell, and hub authentication  

Some of our Riese & Müller e-bikes are compatible with a front carrier. You can secure up to 5 kg of luggage on one and they’re fixed to the frame and hence co-sprung, perfectly protected from knocks and bumps.

Contact us to find out if it’ll fit your R&M e-bike and you can order one from

The Riese & Müller Roadster e-bike is sporty lightness paired with a linear design: the Roadster takes you to your destination fast and rewards you for every detour with even more riding enjoyment with its up to 625 Wh of battery capacity. Its optimum weight distribution also makes it extremely agile and safe to handle. The smooth-running Schwalbe G-One tires let you fully enjoy the speed. This sportiness, combined with comfortable features, makes the Roadster the ideal urban bike.

Contact us to find out more about the R&M Roadster electric bike at the